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An NHS Band 3 position with Visa Sponsorship UK  is an entry-level role within the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom. These positions typically involve supporting healthcare professionals in delivering patient care or providing administrative and clerical support within the NHS.

Examples of Band 3 roles with Visa Sponsorship UK include:

  • Healthcare Support Workers: Assisting nurses and other healthcare professionals with patient care tasks such as personal hygiene, feeding, and mobility support.
  • Therapy Assistants: Supporting therapists (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, etc.) in delivering therapy sessions and assisting patients with exercises.
  • Pharmacy Assistants: Dispensing medications, managing stock, and providing customer service in hospital or community pharmacies.
  • Administrative and Clerical Staff: Managing patient records, scheduling appointments, and providing general administrative support within hospitals or clinics.

Pay and Progression:

  • The starting salary for a Band 3 role is £22,816 per annum (as of April 2023).
  • With experience and additional training, Band 3 staff can progress to higher pay points within the band or move up to Band 4 roles.


Band 3 positions with Visa Sponsorship UK are a good entry point into the NHS, offering opportunities for career development and progression within the healthcare sector. They provide valuable experience and skills that can be used to advance into more specialized roles or higher bands within the NHS.



Pathways for progression as an NHS Band 3 Health care Assistant (HCA):

Within Band 3:

  • Gain experience and take on additional responsibilities: With experience, you can become a Senior HCA, taking on more responsibilities and leading a team of HCAs.
  • Complete additional training and qualifications: This can include specialized courses in areas like dementia care, end-of-life care, or specific clinical skills. This can lead to higher pay points within Band 3.

Progressing to Band 4:

  • Become an Assistant Practitioner (AP): APs are a bridge between HCAs and registered practitioners. They have more clinical responsibilities and can perform some tasks that HCAs cannot.
  • Become a Nursing Associate: This is a new role that sits between HCAs and registered nurses. Nursing Associates provide hands-on care and can also take on some leadership and teaching responsibilities.

Progressing to Band 5 roles  with Visa Sponsorship UK :

  • Become a Registered Nurse: This typically involves completing a nursing degree, but there are also apprenticeship routes available.
  • Become a different Allied Health Professional: Depending on your interests and qualifications, you could become a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, or other healthcare professional.

Tips for progressing as a Band 3 with Visa Sponsorship UK :

  • Talk to your manager and team: Discuss your career aspirations and see what opportunities are available within your team or organization.
  • Network with colleagues: Build relationships with colleagues in different roles to learn about their experiences and opportunities.
  • Seek out learning and development opportunities: Take advantage of any training or courses offered by your employer.
  • Consider further study: If you’re interested in a specific career path, research what qualifications you need and consider studying part-time or through an apprenticeship.


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