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Job details
Posting date: 16 May 2024
Salary: Not specified
Additional salary information: Negotiable
Hours: Full time
Closing date: 05 June 2024
Location: Malvern, WR13 6QJ
Company: NHS Jobs
Job type: Permanent
Job reference: A3641-24-0001


Job Description Job Title: Health Care Assistant (HCA) Reporting to: Practice Nurse(s) Clinical Practice Manager Administrative Hours:
1. Job Summary Working under the supervision of the practice nurse working on the day and strictly within accordance within specific practice guidelines, policies and procedures, the Health Care Assistant will assist the practice clinical team in the provision and delivery of prescribed programs of patient care in a professional manner.
2. Duties and Responsibilities Clinical duties outlined but not limited to as below. New patient health checks NHS Health Checks and patient surveillance of health & wellbeing ECG recording Phlebotomy Administration of vaccines under PGD that training has been provided for Wound care as per patient care plan Chaperoning duties Processing & management laboratory samples requested by clinician Cleaning and preparation of treatment areas before, during and after appointments and at the end of clinic Vaccine cold chain monitoring and recording Clearing and restocking clinic rooms at least weekly Assistance in monitoring Infection Prevention & Control (IP&C) via audits Care and maintenance of emergency equipment in conjunction with nursing team. Ordering stock and rotation of specimen equipment Surgical Equipment Stocking Administrative duties and responsibilities Completion of forms (both electronic and paper) Arranging patient appointments as required Liasing with other professionals Record Keeping and filing (both electronic and paper) Updating of posters and information leaflets in patient waiting room Audit Completion Understand QoF and how this impacts the business, how the HCA role contributes to QoF Maintain e-learning and training Team Member Maintain communication with all team members Communicate effectively with patients and carers Work effectively within the team Maintain awareness of role and responsibilities, knowing limitations within training and what the role allows, and not to take on duties or tasks outside of the HCA job role. Recognises and act upon peoples need for alternative communication methods Contribute to achieving QoF targets through direct patient care, advising them of health care screening and opportunistically advising patients of their health needs. Work within standard policies and procedures, standards, and guidance Working within the HCA Code of Practice
3. Confidentiality While seeing and treating patients, they entrust us with, or allow us to gather information of a sensitive nature in relation to their health and wellbeing, including other external matters. They do so in confidence and have a right to expect that staff will respect their privacy and act appropriately. In the performance of the duties outlined in the job description, the post holder will have access to confidential information relating to the patient, carers, practice staff, and other health care professional involved with care. They may also have access to information relating to the business organization, and all such information should be regarded as highly confidential and not to be disclosed outside of the business in accordance with the confidentiality policy. Where there is a need for disclosure to be made, for example in the case of safeguarding, then may only be divulged to authorized persons as per confidentiality policy.
4. Health and Safety The Post Holder will assist in promoting and managing their own health, safety, and security, and that of others health, safety and security as defined in health and safety policy, to include. Using personal security systems within the workplace according to practice guidelines Identifying the risks involved in work activities and undertaking such activities in a way that reduces/manages those risks Ensure training is maintained and using those skills gained in training Using appropriate IP&C procedures, maintain working environments in a tidy and safe manner and free from hazards Reporting of potential risks and hazards Awareness of the Health and Safety Policy Maintain professionalism whilst in uniform whether on or off the premises.
5. Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion The post holder will support equality, diversity and inclusion rights of patients, carers and colleagues to in include: Acting in a way that recognises the importance of peoples rights, interpreting them in a way that is consistent with practice procedures, policies and current legislation. Respecting privacy, dignity, needs and beliefs of patients, carers and colleagues. Behaving in a manner that is welcoming to the individual, that is non-judgmental and respects their circumstances, feelings, priorities, and rights.
6. Quality and Audit The post holder will strive to maintain quality within the practice and will: Alert team members of issues of quality and risk Effectively manage time, workload, and resources Assist in clinical audits as required Work effectively with individuals and other agencies to meet patient needs Assess and reflect on own performance Contribute to the effectiveness and quality of the practice by identifying areas in need of improvement and suggesting strategies for improvement.
7. Personal and Professional Development The post holder will participate in training programs both mandatory and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to remain working within evidence base practice as part of this employment. Participation in an annual performance review, including taking responsibility for maintaining a record of own personal and/or professional development. Taking responsibility for own development, learning, performance and demonstrating skills and activities to others that are undertaking similar work. Maintain a personal profile Awareness of policies and procedures and how they impact on role This job description is not meant to be exhaustive and simply gives a broad description and outline of the duties involved. The post holder will be expected to take on other duties and responsibilities in accordance with the grade. This job description is subject to review and amendment in consultation with the post holder in order to reflect any changes or development of this position.

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