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Virtue Therapeutic Care & Education

Aim of the role:

The Residential Support Worker is someone who has been appointed by the Registered Provider, Champion Children Therapeutic Care Services, to support the Registered Manager in the day-to-day running of the children’s home and the support of the children that reside within. You will work under the guidance of a Senior Residential Support Worker to ensure the safeguarding of the home.

Requirements of the role support worker:

Day-to-day responsibilities of the home

  • Care for Children Enrich the lives of young people in our care, help them create a positive future and keep them safe.
  • Champion on behalf of the young people in the home to ensure that their voice is heard and their rights maintained. Ensure that children and young people are consulted about their care and provided with opportunities to express their views about the running of the home.
  • Support the Registered Manager to Manage the home in compliance with the ethos of Champion Children Therapeutic Care Services by providing an environment that enables each child and young person to reach their full potential and promotes positive behaviour.
  • Ensure that the Responsible Individual is made aware and kept updated of any significant concerns about safeguarding and/or child protection.
  • Ensure the home safeguards and promotes the well-being of the children and young people. Ensuring that their welfare is the paramount consideration in the provision of the service.
  • Manage relationships with all those involved in the young person’s life and other stakeholders and partner agencies who are engaged in providing packages of support.
  • Represent Champion Children Therapeutic Care Services and work collaboratively within a multi-agency framework with external agencies to ensure positive outcomes and safeguarding.
  • Ensure that all serious events are notified within 24 hours, to the appropriate people.
  • Ensure all young people are cared for in line with the written placement plans in place and ensure ongoing assessment, development and review of all individual plans in line with the time scale outlined in the Policy.
  • Alongside the Management team, ensure effective monitoring and review of all Key working records within the home including risk assessments in line with Organisation Policy.
  • Ensure that all Medication is stored and administered in line with organisation and legal guidelines.
  • Ensure the home offers a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet for all young people.
  • Ensure events, appointments or meetings are arranged, effectively timetabled, diarised and attended by the young person and or appropriate staff.
  • Protect the confidentiality of the children and young people and their families.
  • Ensure the promotion of education, physical health and emotional well-being of the young people.
  • Ensure provision is made to cater for the children’s and young people’s social, leisure, cultural and religious needs.
  • Contribute to the referral, assessment and admission procedures.
  • Manage time and resources within the home including managing financial expenditure against budgets and ensuring recording is accurately completed.

Responsibilities within the required standards of the Organisation and regulatory body/ies

  • Satisfy the legal fitness requirements and complete all checks required by Regulation 32 of the children’s home Regulations (2015).
  • To gain and maintain up-to-date knowledge of the Children’s Homes regulations and Quality Standards, the Children’s Acts and other relevant legislation and guidance.
  • Work as instructed to ensure all required standards are met, and when audits and inspections identify improvements, that these are actioned accordingly within the advised timeframes.
  • Be accountable to the Senior Residential Support Workers, Deputy Manager, Registered Manager, Responsible Individual, Registered Provider and Ofsted.
  • Work by Equality and Diversity legislation.
  • Ensure all policies and procedures are implemented fully and adhered to meet legal obligations.
  • Ensure the health and safety of children, staff and visitors, by complying with relevant legislation, policies and procedures.
  • To ensure notification to a “line manager” who? if there are any safeguarding concerns and follow all local and national guidelines for the management of these concerns.
  • Support other members of the team to ensure the home provides an OFSTED Outstanding standard of residential care.

Responsibilities for all aspects of the premises

  • Support the Registered Manager to ensure the home provides a positive physical environment, about design, comfort and homeliness as well as hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Ensure that any repairs or damage to the property or belongings of the organisation are reported and that necessary action is taken to ensure the safety of the young people and other members of staff.

Any other duties commensurate with the post.

Person Specification

Desirable Experience

  • Previous work, paid or Voluntary with Children.
  • Experience in supporting young people
  • Worked within a multidisciplinary framework
  • Therapeutic work with young people.

Desirable Knowledge

  • Working knowledge of children and young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties, Problematic Sexual Behaviour, Child Sexual Exploitation and learning disabilities and behaviours that challenge.
  • Understanding of local authority care planning duties and how children’s homes are required to support these
  • Awareness and understanding of Ofsted inspection framework
  • Awareness of and understanding of the duties and responsibilities arising from Child Protection and Safeguarding legislation as this applies to the role within the organisation.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the rights and entitlements of children and young people in care
  • Working knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of the range of professionals and agencies involved in supporting children and young people
  • Understanding of and an ability to respond positively to the needs of young people from different racial, cultural, and/or religious backgrounds


  • QCF Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services (or a willingness to undertake and obtain within 2 years of working in a children’s home)

Essential Competencies/Skills


  • The support worker should have excellent communication skills: verbal, interpersonal and written on all levels and according to t need
  • The support worker should Act with integrity at all times
  • The support worker should Value, respect and promote equality and diversity
  • The support worker should Physically and mentally fit to work in a children’s home
  • The support worker should have good administrative skills, including word processing and computer literacy, numeric and organisational skills
  • An understanding of and an ability to adhere to professional boundaries
  • Proactive in continuing own learning and development to maintain the skills needed for the good of the home
  • Ability to maintain the culture and ethos of the home and demonstrate reflective practice, collective responsibility, continuous improvement and trust
  • Reflective with a willingness to examine own values, and principles and learn from experiences
  • The support worker should personally promote equality and diversity and ensure the service is sensitive to children’s culture, age, religion, race, sexual orientation and disability
  • The support worker should manage the impact of own emotions and behaviour with consideration of the impact on others
  • Tier 2 sponsorship availabile for applicants in UK.

Children and Young People

  • Ability to assess and identify children’s needs and develop and deliver plans to meet these needs to achieve positive outcomes
  • Direct care work skills with children and young people


  • Male candidates with Full Driver’s Licence, Own vehicle(Both Required for the role)
  • Tier 2 sponsorship available for applicants in UK.

Application question(s):

  • Do you have your own transport?


  • Therapeutic Children’s Home: 1 year (preferred)


  • UK Driving Licence (required)

Reference ID: Residential Support Worker

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