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Closing on: Jul 1, 2024
Job Category: Others
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Swansea
  • Full Time
  • Swansea, United Kingdom, Wales

Plas Newydd Care Ltd


To take responsibility of undertaking personal and general care tasks in the Home with a goal to ensure the provision of high-quality care to the residents in conformance with Company standards, policies, and procedures, and other legal requirements from statutory and regulatory bodies.


I. General

These duties and responsibilities apply to all jobs in the Home:

1. To support the Management Team in all aspects of the Home’s running by ensuring awareness of one’s own duties and responsibilities and by committing to work within the agreed scope of the job role.

2. To work as part of the team providing a comfortable and safe environment that promotes the physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being of the residents in the Home. This includes maintaining a high standard of care through adopting a person-centred care approach in alignment with the VIPS framework:

a. V aluing – unconditional valuing of the person regardless of their illness

b. ndividualised – treating the person as an individual

c. P erspective – looking at the world from the person’s perspective

d. S upportive – providing a positive social environment in which a person can experience well-being

3. To support the creation of a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to everyone in the Care Home. This includes maintaining confidentiality and respect towards residents and their relatives and friends.

4. To ensure familiarity and understanding with Company standards, policies, and procedures, and other legal requirements from regulatory bodies.

5. To promote equal opportunities and to comply with the anti-discriminatory policy.

6. To attend and to participate in staff meetings and professional trainings when required.

7. To provide assistance to professional agencies performing workplace inspections or evaluations when necessary.

II. Principal Duties

1. To supervise a team of care assistants.

2. To demonstrate effective leadership that promotes the development of the care staff through coaching, conducting appraisals, and assisting trainings.

3. To participate in the working rotas, including evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays as necessary, for the efficient provision of care for all residents in a way that respects the dignity of the individual at all times.

4. To promote professional collaboration with colleagues (e.g. manager, nurse, kitchen; including GPs, pharmacy, etc.) that involves mutual sharing of support and information where necessary and appropriate.

5. To provide care assistance that is appropriate to the health condition of the resident. This means that it is a pre-requisite for this duty to ensure awareness of the individual needs and preferences of the resident (e.g. medical history, special diets, anxiety triggers, etc.). This may include the following tasks:

· Providing bathing and showering assistance

· Providing transfer assistance from bed to chair, from wheelchair to toilet, etc.

· Providing personal grooming assistance (e.g. maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of hair, skin, and nails; helping to dress up)

· Providing toilet assistance

· Providing food and drinks; or full assistance in feeding

· Providing specific medical care needs (e.g. Diabetic care)

· Providing encouragement or assistance with the administration of medicines

6. To provide assistance with light housekeeping inside bedrooms or around communal areas to maintain the cleanliness of the Home.

7. To perform care needs assessment; to suggest and implement care instructions; and to evaluate the outcome of the care plan.

8. To contribute in conducting risk assessments.

9. To regularly update and submit necessary care documentations (e.g. care plan, care charts).

10. To ensure that residents attend appointments with physicians and healthcare professionals (e.g. GP, chiropodist) as needed.

11. To continuously monitor and document health related conditions. Any observed changes and abnormalities should be immediately reported to the manager and/or the nurse in charge.

12. To recognize the importance of therapies, entertainment, and social activities offered to the residents in terms of enhancing their quality of life. This means that the staff must be willing to participate in the said events held in the Home while taking into consideration the individual needs and preferences of the residents.

13. To take responsibility of ensuring continuous personal and professional development related to the field of social care by attending relevant meetings, trainings, and courses; and reading recent articles and journals.

III. Compliance

1. To ensure awareness and adherence to the following policies, procedures, and regulations:

a. Medicine Control, Administration, Custody, and Disposal Policy

b. Confidentiality policy and complaints procedure

c. Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 2016

d. Infection control and PPE policy

IV. Management of Health and Safety Systems

1. To support the need in keeping the health and safety of the working environment through safe working practices which includes:

a. full awareness regarding fire safety precautions and drills

b. full awareness and adherence to infection control and PPE policy

2. To support the Management Team and Manager in their duty as ‘responsible officers’ for the Home under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Fire Regulations.

3. To ensure the proper use and handling of equipment and facilities.

4. To take responsibility of immediately reporting workplace injuries, accidents, or infections incurred by self, a colleague, or a resident to the Manager.

5. To take responsibility of immediately reporting potential hazards in the workplace such as damaged or faulty furnishings, furniture, or appliances to the Manager.


  • Company pension
  • On-site parking
  • Sick pay
  • UK visa sponsorship available


  • Supervisory: 1 year (preferred)
  • Providing care: 1 year (required)
  • Health care: 1 year (required)


  • English (required)


  • IELTS certification (required)

Closing Date: 01 July 2024

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