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Availability of Sponsored Jobs in Glasgow

– There are currently 51 sponsorship jobs listed within 10 miles of Glasgow on TotalJobs. This includes 27 temporary and 657 part-time sponsorship roles.

– On Indeed, there are numerous job listings for “sponsorship” roles in the Glasgow area, though many of these may not necessarily offer visa sponsorship.

– Jooble shows around 586,000 job listings for “visa sponsorship” roles in Glasgow, though the relevance of these results is unclear.

– Glassdoor has around 247 job listings for “sponsorship” roles in Glasgow.

## Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship

The search results do not clearly highlight many major companies explicitly offering visa sponsorship for roles in Glasgow. However, some examples that mention sponsorship include:

– East Renfrewshire Council has several job listings (e.g. Cleaner, Catering Assistant) but explicitly states “Please note East Renfrewshire Council does not provide Visa sponsorship.”

– A Healthcare Assistant role with The Ross Hospital/Circle Health Group mentions a salary “Up to £24,500 (depending on level of experience, training and qualification)”.

Overall, while there are some sponsorship job openings listed in the Glasgow area across various job sites, very few companies are explicitly advertising visa sponsorship as an option based on these search results. Many job postings explicitly state they cannot provide visa sponsorship for roles based in Glasgow.


Companies explicitly advertising high-paying sponsorship jobs or roles offering visa sponsorship in Glasgow. Most job postings state that the company is unable to provide visa sponsorship. However, here are some examples of potentially higher-paying roles that mention sponsorship:

1. Firmware Engineer – Verto People
– Salary: £45,000 – £55,000 per annum
– The job description states “This employer assists with relocation and can provide sponsorship!”

2. Infrastructure Technical Project Manager – Morson Talent
– Salary: “Market related” (likely £45,000+ based on similar roles)
– States the role is eligible for sponsorship: “SPEN are looking for an Infrastructure Technical Project Manager…Job Title: Infrastructure Technical Project Manager…Scottish Power Energy Networks…can provide sponsorship”

3. Principal Recruitment Consultant (Permanent) – Undisclosed company
– Estimated salary: £45,000 – £64,000 per annum
– No explicit mention of visa sponsorship in the job description.

4. Pilot Recruitment Roadshow (B737 Captains) – Ryanair
– Estimated salary: £60,000 – £81,000 per annum
– Mentions “Possibility of visa sponsorship”

Outside of these few examples, the majority of job listings from the search results explicitly state they cannot provide visa sponsorship for roles based in Glasgow. Higher-paying opportunities offering sponsorship appear to be quite limited based on the information provided across the various job sites.


Key points about how the average salary for sponsorship jobs in Glasgow compares to other UK cities:

Average Salary for Sponsorship Jobs in Glasgow

– The search results consistently show the average salary for sponsorship jobs in Glasgow is around £47,499 – £47,500 per year.

Comparison to Other UK Cities

– While direct comparisons to other cities are not provided, £47,500 seems to be a relatively high average salary for sponsorship roles.

– For example, on TotalJobs the average sponsorship salary for the UK overall is listed as £31,786. This suggests the Glasgow average of £47,500 is well above the national average for these types of roles.

– Major cities like London likely have higher average salaries for sponsorship roles given the higher cost of living. However, the Glasgow average of around £47,500 still appears competitive compared to other regional UK cities.

– A few of the job listings mention salaries over £50,000 for certain senior sponsorship roles in Glasgow, further indicating relatively high pay potential compared to other areas.

In summary, while direct comparisons are limited, the search results indicate the average salary of around £47,500 for sponsorship jobs in Glasgow is quite high, likely exceeding averages for most other UK cities outside of London. This suggests sponsorship roles in Glasgow pay relatively well versus other regional job markets in the UK based on the data provided.

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