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Health Care Assistant CV Example

Yasmin Osborne

T: 070 1960 6753



Personal Statement

Committed and compassionate Health care assistant with over 3.5 years of experience working with disabled children and adults as well as the elderly. Recently encouraged clients to participate in social and recreational activities by supporting them in setting small, daily goals, resulting in the average client spending 5–37% more time either outdoors or with acquaintances. Looking for an opportunity to apply empathic approach and accumulated know-how in supporting the Old Monastery Hospital in its mission of improving the quality of life of its residents.

Work Experience

Care Assistant

Careway House, Manchester

April 2019—present

  • Paid over £15,000 in bills on behalf of clients, often in cash, with never a single discrepancy.
  • Began grocery shopping online with a number of clients, giving them a chance to browse and try new things and saving them £10–15 per fortnight.
  • Performed light housekeeping tasks: dusted and vacuumed 130+ rooms, changed bed linens 90+ times, did 50+ loads of laundry.
  • Found practical, creative ways to involve willing family members, meaning that 2 in 5 clients continued to spend more regular quality time with family members long term.
  • Prepared around 900 meals taking into account different allergies, intolerances, dietary requirements, and preferences.

Health Care Assistant

Phelps & Martens Support Services, Leeds

January 2017—March 2019

  • Administered or prompted 87% of medication doses on schedule with no critical oversights.
  • Observed, monitored and recorded clients’ physical and emotional well-being, promptly reporting any changes to senior staff and averting seven likely-fatal episodes.
  • Fostered independence when supporting a series of disabled clients, resulting in them requiring 2–6 hours a week less domiciliary care.
  • Helped 11 clients access the community by supporting them in the acquisition of basic internet skills (using tablets rather than computers).

Health Care Assistant CV Example



NVQ 2 in Health and Social Care, 2017

Edith Rey College, Leeds

A-levels: Citizenship Studies, Food Studies, English, 2012 – 2014

Oakendoor High School, Leeds

8 GCSEs (including Mathematics and English), 2010 – 2012

Oakendoor High School, Leeds


  • Conscientiousness: provided input into clients’ care and support plans by regularly feeding back to the Field Care Supervisor.
  • Organisation skills: planned and organised 13 group outings for clients with various levels of disability and dementia.
  • Understanding and following policies and procedures: adhered to the principles of health care and hygiene as well as policies regarding working with vulnerable people.
  • Patience: frequently encountered aggression and outbursts from both children and adults.
  • Creativity: helped clients work around issues such as limited food preferences (e.g. autistic clients) or social isolation (e.g. immobile clients).
  • Written and spoken communication: able to understand and be understood by people with even quite profound disabilities and also able to handle government forms, etc. on behalf of clients.


  • St John Ambulance CPR Certificate of Competence


  • English – Native
  • Hindi – Native
  • Punjabi – Advanced


  • Cooking
  • Pilates
  • Bonsai

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