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Apply Now for rewarding career job with UK Sponsorship Visa

To get a UK visa sponsorship, in the UK, you need to meet the following requirements:

For the employer:

  1. Eligibility: The UK employer must be a genuine business with a valid sponsor licence.
  2. Job suitability: The job being offered must meet specific skill and salary requirements, and there should be a genuine need for the role.
  3. No adverse history: The company should have no history of non-compliance with immigration rules.
  4. Systems in place: The employer must have robust systems for tracking and managing sponsored workers.

For the employee:

  1. Qualifying job offer: You must have a valid job offer from a UK employer with a sponsor licence.
  2. Skills and qualifications: Your skills and qualifications must match the requirements of the job.
  3. English language proficiency: You must be able to demonstrate your English language skills.
  4. Maintenance funds: You must have enough money to support yourself without relying on public funds.

The process for obtaining a visa sponsorship typically involves:

  1. The employer applies for a sponsor licence: They need to submit an online application and provide supporting documents.
  2. The employer assigns a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS): This confirms that the job meets the requirements and that the employer is willing to sponsor you.
  3. You apply for a visa: You will need to submit an online application, provide supporting documents, and pay the visa application fee.

For more detailed information and guidance, you can visit the UK government’s official website:

It’s important to consult with an immigration lawyer or advisor for personalized advice and support throughout the process.

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  1. I am willing to relocate for work in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, New Zealand or Australia.
    I can meet every requirement the host country wants me to meet provided those requirements do not brake the law, harm or maim anybody.
    It is my hope that I will get a visa sponsored visa soon.

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