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As An NHS Health care Assistant (HCA), you play a vital role in providing essential care and support to patients, ensuring their well-being, dignity, and comfort throughout their healthcare journey.

Job details
Posting date: 22 April 2024
Salary: Not specified
Additional salary information: £12.24 – £12.33
Hours: Full time
Closing date: 22 May 2024
Location: Driffield, YO25 6NU
Company: Wellburn Care Homes
Job type: Permanent
Job reference: 518

Duties of an NHS Healthcare Assistant:

Your responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks, each contributing to the holistic care and support of patients under your supervision.

  1. The NHS Health care assistant will partake in Patient Care: Your primary responsibility is to provide direct care to patients, assisting them with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting. You also help patients with mobility, ensuring they can move safely within their environment.
  2. The NHS Health care assistant will ensure Patient Dignity: Upholding the dignity and privacy of patients is paramount. You ensure that patients are treated with respect and compassion at all times, maintaining their confidentiality and dignity during care procedures.
  3. The NHS Health care assistant will communicate efectively: Effective communication is essential in your role. You interact with patients, families, and other healthcare professionals, conveying information clearly and empathetically. You listen attentively to patients’ concerns, providing reassurance and support as needed.


Documentation Role of the NHS Health care assistant

As an NHS Health care assistant you will accurately document  patient observations, care provided, and any significant events is crucial for continuity of care. You maintain meticulous records, adhering to established protocols and procedures.

  1. Courage: In challenging situations, you demonstrate courage and resilience. Whether it’s assisting during emergencies, comforting distressed patients, or advocating for patients’ needs, you approach each situation with courage and determination.
  2. Empathy and Compassion: Showing empathy and compassion towards patients who may be vulnerable or in pain is central to your role. You offer emotional support, lending a compassionate ear and providing comfort during difficult times.
  3. Teamwork: Collaboration with other healthcare professionals, including nurses, doctors, and therapists, is essential for providing comprehensive care. You work closely with the multidisciplinary team, contributing your expertise and insights to ensure the best outcomes for patients.

 Safety and Infection Control Role of the NHS Health care assistant

You adhere to strict safety and infection control protocols to minimize the risk of harm to patients and yourself. This includes proper hand hygiene, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.

  1. Continuing Education: As healthcare practices evolve, you engage in ongoing education and training to stay updated on best practices, new technologies, and advancements in patient care. This commitment to learning enhances your skills and knowledge, benefiting the patients under your care.
  2. Advocacy: You serve as an advocate for patients, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights respected. You empower patients to make informed decisions about their care and advocate on their behalf when necessary.

As an NHS Health care assistant you are entrusted with the important task of providing compassionate, person-centered care to patients, while upholding their dignity, ensuring effective communication, maintaining documentation, demonstrating courage, and collaborating with the healthcare team to promote positive patient outcomes.

Salary Range of Health Care Assistant

– As per Glassdoor, the average annual salary for a healthcare assistant in the UK is £26,940, with a salary range spanning from £20,149 to £52,268 annually.

– indicates an average annual salary of £22,451 or an hourly rate of £11.51 for care assistants in the UK.

– According to Jooble, NHS healthcare assistants in Carlisle, Cumbria, earn an average annual salary of £61,060.

– Indeed’s findings suggest that personal care assistants in the UK earn around £12.04 per hour on average.

– Glassdoor also provides insight, stating that care assistants in the UK typically earn £20,509 annually.


Overall, the data suggests that healthcare or care assistants in the UK generally earn between £20,000 and £27,000 annually, with variations based on factors such as role, location, and employer. Hourly rates typically range from £11 to £15.





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