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Sponsorship jobs in Wales are limited, with most employers explicitly stating they cannot provide visa sponsorship. However, there are a few potential options for sponsorship jobs:

Companies That May Offer Sponsorship Jobs:

  • ZEST Dental Recruitment: Offers private dentist roles with potential visa sponsorship.
  • R&V Group: Provides sponsorship for a children’s social worker role.
  • IT and engineering companies: Some companies in these fields, such as Tendertec, Blackmagic Design, and Third Dimension Software, mention the possibility of sponsorship for specific roles like software engineers, DevOps engineers, and computer vision engineers.
  • Hydrock: May consider sponsorship for graduate mechanical and electrical engineer roles in Cardiff.

Alternative Strategies for Finding Sponsorship Jobs:

Given the limited availability of sponsored roles, consider the following alternative approaches:

  • Target specific sectors: Focus your job search on IT, engineering, and healthcare, as these sectors seem more open to sponsoring foreign workers for these sponsorship jobs.
  • Networking: Connect with professionals in your field based in Wales, as they may have insights into companies with a history of sponsoring foreign workers for sponsorship jobs.
  • Consult recruitment agencies: Some agencies specialize in placing foreign workers in sponsored roles and may have access to unadvertised opportunities for sponsorship jobs.

Important Note for Sponsorship Jobs:

It is crucial to confirm the availability of visa sponsorship directly with potential employers before applying for any sponsorship jobs. Job listings that mention the possibility of sponsorship may not guarantee it, and the employer’s decision will depend on various factors, including your qualifications and experience.

I hope this information helps you in your search for sponsorship jobs!


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  1. Please can I have a sponsorship job? I am based in Nigeria at the moment and will be willing to relocate for the job. Thank you

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